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All the DDOs related to Palwal and Charkhi Dadri Treasuries,can generate NPS Paybills now.
The head of account for preparing the challan on for depositing the loan default amount in Government Receipt Head has been changed. The new head of account is "7610-51-800-96-51-Recovery towards default amount. Loan Id must also be mentioned in the field "Loan Id For Recovery of Loan default" only while preparation of challan. Also do entry of loan Interest after completion of principle so that deduction of installment of interest starts immediately.
The List of Total Pension cases which were returned from AG Haryana upto 11.01.2019, is given in the "Quick Links" section as well in Pdf format on Checker Login,these cases were not in revised format and are required to be applied in revised format on AG website for Submission of Pension Revision cases through Online Diary System by all DDO's. The link is given below
If the loans shifted to PNB have been completed, Pl. enter its interest also on "Edit Loans detail Page' now and start its deduction immediately, so that employees' name must not be shown in Defaulters List.
पीएनबी में स्थानांतरित सभी ऋणों के लिए ब्याज की केवल प्रविष्टि अनिवार्य है, कटौती नहीं | कटौती केवल उन्हीं ब्याज की करें जिनके ऋण की पूर्ण कटौती हो चुकी है अन्यथा No. of Installments to be paid in current month =0 रखें |